The son of a carpenter and a postal worker, Nate Kreiter was born and raised in Billings, Montana. From a young age, Nate sought a creative outlet – but all he had around him were semi-legal blank walls, which were set to be demolished, and some spray paint. Nate set to work on them. Once the creative fire was lit Nate couldn’t stop. He realized he needed to express himself in every aspect of his life especially how he dressed. Some of his choices drew ire from others but that didn’t stop Nate from taking chances...

Creativity took a backseat to studies during his college years, and in 2007 Nate graduated with a major in Business Administration and Marketing. On a random Thursday night a few months after graduation, Nate decided Montana had run its course. He contacted a friend, called mom and dad, packed up his car and moved to Los Angeles, where he slept on a couch for 6 months.

After a few years of wandering and trying to discover his calling to no avail, it became increasingly clear that Nate was lost. In a rut, with no clear path or place in the world the only thing he knew was that going back to Montana wasn’t an option. Determined to dig deep and persevere, Nate discovered his creativity again. Embracing the idea that art and fashion should have a place in his life, Nate began stenciling and spray painting graphics once more. First it was on cardboard, then t-shirts and then sweatshirts. A few friends were dubious but mixed in were supportive high-fives. Nate kept at it, liking the idea of art mixed with fashion. Tired of being turned down by every screen printing person he knew, he decided to screen print the clothing himself. Nate called his carpenter father and sent him schematics for a 4-color screen press. His father promptly made it out of wood, they drove it down from Montana and Nate taught himself how to screen print.

Nate started his clothing line in 2012 and named it N8 as an homage to how his father used to spell his name. N8 was a casual apparel brand for the first 4 years. After the passing of his father, he was inspired to stop dragging his feet and take the leap from casual apparel into high fashion and cut and sew. After years of tests, mistakes, successes and failures, N8 was transformed into what you see today. 

Nobody knows what the future holds, but Nate will do all he can to continue to bring art, inspiration, chances and love to fashion. 

Every form of art is so personal to the artist – music, painting and performance, to name a few. All have elements and are almost completely dictated by the experience, the creator's personality and the journey it took to create it. I am attempting to bring that to fashion. I hope you enjoy and follow along.

- N8


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